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Assault and Battery in California

If you are like most people, you have the mistaken perception that “assault and battery” is a single crime, similar to “drinking and driving.” In fact, the crimes of assault and battery are two distinct violations in California, as in most other states. Assault Under California law, an assault is essentially an attempt to cause […]

Violent Crimes in California — What is Great Bodily Injury

California Laws Governing Violent Acts — What Constitutes Great Bodily Injury? In California, when you are charged with any type of violent crime, it can carry a description “with great bodily injury.” What does that mean? It’s important to understand that causing “great bodily injury” is not the crime—the crime is one of assault. The […]

Domestic Assault Fugitive Arrested in Napa County

A man on the Napa Valley Crime Stoppers list since August has been found and arrested on charges of domestic violence and for exhibiting a lethal weapon. The man in question, Armando Antonio Calderon, was arrested in early September. He is just 19 years old. Napa Valley Crime Stoppers offer cash rewards for anonymous tips […]

What is the Difference Between Assault and Battery?

The terms assault and battery are so commonly used in tandem that many people do not realize each is a separate offense, and the distinction between them. In California, assault and battery are defined under separate penal codes.


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