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The Common Types of Fraud Crimes

Under the law, fraud is generally defined as an “intentional misrepresentation of fact,” where the misrepresentation causes another person to be deprived of money, property or a legal right. Because fraud requires intent, you cannot be charged with fraud if you unknowingly participated in certain conduct. However, where the circumstances indicate that you should reasonably […]

Mandatory Minimum Sentences: the Damage They Do and the Politics of Reform

It’s one thing to hear criticisms of mandatory minimum sentencing for criminal offenses from organizations representing families of those who are incarcerated or the American Civil Liberties Union, but these criticisms have also been made by those at the highest levels of power who normally have very conflicting views. Two of those people are Eric […]

Cruel and Unusual Punishment – The Shame of the Three Strikes Laws

When you begin to comprehend the egregious nature of the three strikes law, you might say our criminal justice system is hardly just and may be criminal. The three strikes law, which puts someone who has been convicted of two felonies away for life on conviction of a third crime, no matter how minor may […]

Drug Raid Arrests and Pot Farm Busted

A Napa drug raid in which law enforcement officials seized 120 marijuana plants, some methamphetamine, and loaded guns resulted in the arrest of six individuals this past August. Evidently, agents from the Napa Special Investigation Bureau observed an outdoor marijuana garden. They then obtained a search warrant for the home in question. Just what tactics […]

Avoid California Felony Theft Penalties for Shoplifting

A person charged with shoplifting or another type of petty theft may not realize how important it is to stage an aggressive defense in the earliest stages of proceedings. In pre-trial actions, defense counsel may be able to have charges reduced from felony theft to misdemeanor theft, a critical distinction. The penalties and other consequences for a felony theft conviction are far more severe than for a misdemeanor conviction.


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