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Is Drunk Driving a Misdemeanor or a Felony in California?

If you or someone you love has been stopped and arrested for drinking and driving, one of your first concerns will be about the severity and nature of the charge. How is drunk driving prosecuted in California? Is it a traffic offense, a misdemeanor or a felony? In short answer, a DUI in California may […]

Defending against a Charge of Resisting Arrest

In California, you can be charged with and prosecuted for resisting arrest even if you weren’t the target of police. The criminal statute commonly referred to as “resisting arrest” also criminalizes any activity that interferes with or obstructs a law enforcement officer attempting to make an arrest, or any action that delays any arrest. It’s […]

What to Know If You Are Arrested

When you are detained or arrested by law enforcement officers, it’s critical that you know your rights. Even though police officers should read you your Miranda rights when taking you into custody, you want to know ahead of time what is happening and what your rights are. What is an Arrest? There’s a difference between […]

The Most Common Police Mistakes in DUI Investigations

So you’ve been arrested and charged with drunk driving…you don’t want to just plead guilty and take your punishment. Why? Because police officers regularly make mistakes in DUI cases. Here are the most common: The Officer Makes a Traffic Stop without Probable Cause A police officer doesn’t have to suspect that you are drinking and […]

The Importance of Keeping a Criminal Conviction Off Your Record

There are a number of good reasons that you want to try to remove a criminal conviction from your record—you may be denied access to credit or to educational opportunities. You may be denied the right to live in certain types of housing. Most importantly, though, you may face extreme difficulties finding gainful employment. Not […]

The Current State of Medical Marijuana in California-2014

Medical Marijuana in California in 2014 In 1996, California became the first state in America to legalize the sale and distribution of marijuana for medical purposes. Nearly half of the states across the country have followed California’s lead. Unfortunately, for many in California, the state has since lagged behind most others in effectively regulating growth, […]

Attorney Retainer – What Can You Expect?

How to Hire a Lawyer on Retainer A lawyer is a legal professional certified to practice law in a particular state. Hiring a lawyer is often an important step in the resolution of a particular legal issue or problem. When you’re choosing a lawyer, choose one who has experience in the area of law relevant […]

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